Editing citation style tools and guidance


As part of our beta feature - View Bibliography you can now Change your citation styles.

Part of that change means that you can also now look to create or amend your own styles that we can then upload to your tenancy for use. Here is a short guide on how to get started. 


How it works

Talis uses citation styles which are written in the Citation Style Language (CSL).  You can choose from over 6500 styles. We simply reuse those styles which are contributed by the community.


Cook your own

The Citation Style Library also has a guide to editing citation styles.  This provides some guidance and directs you to documentation by Zotero, as well as a CSL style editor tool by Mendeley to help you do so.

Zotero.org have a editing step-by-step guide

Top tips from the site:

  • Pick as style most like the one you are trying to create rather than create from scratch, there is a link to a search by example tool.
  • Download the style most like the one you are trying to create and open in a Text editing tool, this can be done using Notepad or Text Edit or developer preferred text editing tools like jEdit.
  • The guide talks you through the different edits you can make.
  • Remember to change the style and ID so you can easily identify the new style
  • Validate the style against the CSL schema.
  • In order for it to be installed into Talis Aspire Reading List, ensure you submit and share it in Zotero Style Repository.

To get it installed follow the guidance in Changing your citation styles article.





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