How does search work in Talis Aspire Reading Lists?

In Talis Aspire Reading Lists you can search for lists by their title, their hierarchy node codes and also by their owner.

The Search field will auto-display some suggested results in a drop-down field as you type, beginning after you have entered 2 characters. The suggested results are displayed in the following order with an indicator to let you know what type of result it is:

  1. Lists (also displays Time Period and List Owner)
  2. Draft Lists (also displays Time Period and List Owner)
  3. Hierarchy Nodes


  • Hierarchy Nodes only appear when the the result set matches against the list and node search. List owner searches will only return Lists & Draft lists.
  • Draft lists only appear in search results for logged-in users with Edit permissions. Only draft lists with unpublished changes will appear in the search results.
  • Wildcards and special characters are not supported in this search facility.
  • When searching using '&' it will not bring back matching results where 'and' has been used instead and vice versa.

Search result order: the search results are not returned based on relevance as we are not yet using a full-text search solution. There is as yet no sorting or ordering and they are returned based on where in the index they appear. As a consequence, you might edit something and look for it, and it won't be on the first page of results any more even though you would ordinarily expect it to be. We intend to migrate to full-text searching which will allow us to do relevance-based results once it becomes available for our database solution.

Selecting a suggested result will take you to the list or hierarchy node you have selected.


By clicking on the results summary in the results suggestion drop-down, clicking Enter or on the Search button, you will be taken to the main search results page. This displays the three types of results discussed above. Where there are more results than can fit on the section of the page for a result type i.e. List,  Draft List or Other (hierarchy node), the section is paginated.


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