Using Reports to tidy your Talis Aspire tenancy - webinar

This webinar was delivered in August 2023, shortly before the new academic year. In this session, we look at how the various reports in Talis Aspire can be used for 'good housekeeping', to identify links that might need fixing, or hierarchy nodes that might need removing, or list owners that might need updating, and much more! Viewers should go away with a list of tasks to consider carrying out ahead of the academic year, to ensure that their Talis Aspire tenancy is 'match fit', although of course you will benefit from spending time tidying your system at any time.

For suggestions of reports you might want to run, try reading the following article: Using Reports to tidy your Talis Aspire tenancy.

Further suggestions of maintenance tasks you might want to consider are available in this article: Maintaining your Talis Aspire Reading Lists.


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