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Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) and Talis Aspire Reading List (TARL) has now been improved to allow you to request a digitisation for a list that is attached to more than one course. This will help academics maintain one version of a list that is taught across many courses/modules. Reporting in TADC has been improved to capture all course details and student numbers separately for each module that is referenced in the request.

Here are the expected workflow stages and the improvements made to enable this feature:

In TARL, assigning multiple hierarchy nodes and student numbers to a list is now carried out in one step, either at the point of list creation or whilst editing:End_to_end___University_of_Life.png 

This displays on the list as shown:


When requesting a digitisation, the digitisation form will carry across details of all linked hierarchy nodes and their associated student numbers:


Within TADC this is processed as 1 request but will appear multiple times in the courses and Reproduction Rights Organisation (RRO) reports in line with the number of linked courses.

Within TADC:


Example exported report:


Example exported report:CLA_DRF__University_of_Life.png

When raising a request directly in TADC or via the standalone form, you can add multiple course details manually to a single request.

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