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We have made some changes to the Request Form when raising new digitisation requests (October and November 2017).

What's changed?

Previously, the options for Book Chapter, Book Section and Article appeared in tabs across the top of the screen as the following screenshot shows.


We have now changed this to be a drop menu as shown below. Once the resource type has been selected all the remaining fields are the same.

We have also restructured the request form so the workflow for requesting a digitisation is much simpler. The tabs have been removed so that you work now through the form using the Next button only. Errors on the page are identified before allowing requestor to move forward to the next step. Often errors were not pointed out right until the end and users had to navigate to 1 or more tabs with an error.

The old request form:


We have also listened to feedback regarding page numbers on the "Notes" tab and also for Chapter requests. Previously, additional note pages and bibliographical reference pages were on a separate tab.  Often requestors were entering the page numbers of the main digitisation section into this area of the form, not the additional notes and references. In the new request form this information can be entered in the "Reference range" area (this can be seen in the screenshot below).

Responding to feedback we have also added the ability to enter the page range for a Chapter request - this information is sometimes known at the point of request. Without this option available your requestor may keep misinterpreting the purpose of the Reference range section. You can see this change in the screenshots below.

The new request form:

Requesting a book chapter

To request a book chapter, tick the "This is a full chapter" and the option to add Chapter title will appear.


If no page range is entered for a full chapter digitisation request, and it is the first chapter in the book to be requested for availability between these start and end dates, the request goes through copyright checks for a chapter.

If a second chapter is requested to be made available during the 1st chapters live dates, the page range for chapters becomes very important as you then fall back to the 1 chapter or 10% of the total work, whichever is greater, copyright rule for CLA and CA.  In this scenario this second digitisation request will be referred, as TADC needs the page range of the first request in order to calculate if this new request is within copyright limits.

Requesting a section of a book

To request a section of a book, untick the "This is a full chapter".


Requesting a journal article

Use the Resource type dropdown menu to select and request a Journal Article.


Error notification

Errors within the request form will now display at each step before allowing the user making the request to move forward to the next step.



Needed by date

We had received feedback that the 'needed by' date in TADC was not providing the information users had hoped as the requesters were skipping the completion of the field leaving it to default to the start date of the scan. This meant that once a time period had begun this date was in the past.

We have made the following improvements:

  • Added guidance text - When is this resource needed?
  • Made the 'Needed by' field optionally mandatory, and blank by default as a populated field does not encourage accurate information.
  • Changed the calendar function to pick the date so that it now defaults to the current month or the course start date if this is in the future

You can change the mandatory behaviour of the 'Needed by date' field in the Admin> Settings > Policies, see Settings in Talis Aspire Digitised Content for details


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  • Avatar
    Val Murray

    The change to the "needed by" date is a pain for us. Pardon our ignorance but we can't see why this date would be different than the start date??? For us, this is the same. Is it possible to have this changed back for us?

  • Avatar
    Zena Amos

    Hi Val,
    Thank you for raising this, we have a Product Update Webinar planned for 19th Jan. I will be discussing this change as part of the topics on the webinar and will be happy to discuss your feedback and that of others. We did consult with universities on this change as the feature wasn't working for many as it was.

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