Implementation, nearing the end, what's next?


As you near the end of your implementation, we turn to thinking about the next stage in your journey with Talis. We will work with you ensure that you continually supported through this transition and through roll-out of Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL), Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) and beyond. 


Basecamp is a third party project management and communication tool we use during your implementation through to sign off on your project. You will have contact with your project manager from Talis, who will liaise with you regarding the actions to sign off the remaining 'To Do's' from within Basecamp. It is important that these areas are signed off before transition to support so your tenancy is setup to the requirements set out in your Tenancy Set Up questionnaire 

Transition to Talis Support

Before any live users, academics or students use the system, it is imperative you sign off from implementation. Moving to Talis support enables you to have a wider network of Talis expertise to support you with a successful rollout of TARL and/or TADC. 

There are still two key tasks to be completed during this transition period:

1. You will be sent a transition to Talis support document where we will ask you to list the nominated emails of contacts to be added to our support portal. Here, you will also add details of where you would like feedback to be emailed from, direct from your users on your tenancy. As well as this, contacts to be added to our Talis Aspire Mailing Groups to receive updates on Talis events, our monthly newsletter and service announcements. 

2. You will be sent a link to our Implementation Survey, this is an opportunity for you to reflect back on the project, what has worked well, and what the challenges have been. Your feedback helps us to shape future implementations, and build on the success of your implementation.

Once these two tasks are complete we will move you into the main support channels as outlined below and at the same time we set up and give you access to a Google Analytics account allowing you to track how your tenancy is being used along with top resources that are being accessed.

Support tickets 

Talis Support enables you to track the progress of tickets and view tickets that have been raised by other members of your University team. By raising queries here, you have access to the wider Talis technical and consulting teams to ensure you are getting the information and advice that you need. Please see these related articles to explain the support process further: 

What happens when I raise a support case? (article)

What happens when I raise a support case? (webinar)

Catch up calls 

Moving into normal support can be daunting but, Talis services will arrange a regular call to support your ongoing rollout of TARL and/or TADC. To begin with these calls are every two weeks, moving to monthly and then as a regular three monthly call. 

We work to understand your University key strategic objectives, and how we can support you being successful. Calls are always followed up with notes, which provide links to relevant support articles and webinars we may have discussed on the call. 

These calls are an opportunity to discuss any open tickets on our support site and we can guide you to universities to 'buddy up' who have faced similar challenges, for example, if you would like tips on academic engagement and marketing.

If you have team changes within the library, we can support by changing the format of our calls to a webinar, for example, to guide through any particular area of functionality in the system and increase the frequency when required. 


Is key, Talis are here to support you, the same team supports you from implementation every step of the way through your transition to support and beyond. Our service evolves to meet your needs as you continue working with Talis.

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