Talis Aspire Release Process


As a Software as a Service (SaaS) service, on-going maintenance, support and upgrades are applied automatically on your behalf by Talis. This document will take you through the release process and how you can keep up to date with releases.

How often is Talis Aspire updated?

Releases are typically frequent (often twice weekly) and are applied without downtime or service degradation.

Occasionally, more major releases will require a scheduled maintenance window - in these cases, we typically provide notice 10 days prior via the Talis Aspire Service Announcement email group that you will be enrolled on.

If a major product change or new feature introduction requires training or support our Services team will notify in advance and prepare necessary materials which can include support articles, tutorials and webinars.

What do releases include?

Releases could include:

  • small changes - updating of wording on a screen due to change in process
  • changes that affect one customer - the adding of a bespoke citation style
  • fixing a bug - reported by one or more customer - this may be bookmarking, viewing of a resource is no longer working
  • changes that affect all customers - much of the recent Reviews 2.0 changes were part of the daily releases
  • large changes that affect a set of customers - recent work with Ex Libris Aleph integration to improve holdings display
  • large changes that affect all customers - implementing the All Reviews Report in Reviews 2.0

How do I know something has been released?

All releases are recorded here in our Talis Aspire Product Updates, these include:

  • which system was affected, whether Talis Aspire Reading Lists or Talis Aspire Digitised Content
  • what the release was for - a fix or improvement
  • what the issue was and the resolution with the new action

If the release is related to a university support ticket, we will also update that ticket to let you know the issue is now resolved.

We also add major releases that universities need to pay attention to in our monthly Talis Product Update. If you don't get these please raise a support request and we can make sure you are added in.

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