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We have made a change to the behaviour of hierarchy data and associated student numbers. This improvement is to support:

  • Applying list student numbers from the hierarchy data level.
  • Multiple module improvements in Talis Aspire Digitised Content (more information to follow in the coming weeks).

You can update student number associated with a Hierarchy node as part of a bulk hierarchy update (Hierarchy data format) or manually when you edit an individual node.

Creating a new list

When you create a new list you click 'Select Hierarchy' to add the list to an existing node in your hierarchy.

This then takes you to a screen where you can select one or more hierarchy nodes. If student numbers have been added at the hierarchy level these will display here also. These can be edited now or at a later time.


The linked hierarchy node(s) display on both the list edit and list view screens as shown here.


When viewing or editing the list, the student numbers display as a total.


Editing existing lists

For existing lists, you can add or edit the hierarchy nodes and student numbers from the 'Edit' menu.Marketing_research___Services__10_.png

In the modal you can add and remove hierarchy nodes and update the student numbers.



On saving this will update the numbers on the list but will not change the saved hierarchy node value, just value recorded on that list.


Adding a list to a node - Alternative route

Navigate to the node page of the module/unit/course you wish to attach a list to and click Add list


Search for the list by title and select


Confirm Student numbers and Save



Q. Am I able to edit the hierarchy and student numbers when I request a review for the list?

A. When a review is requested you are no longer able to edit the student numbers at the point instead the user is directed back to list to take this action.


Q. I can't find the exact module on the hierarchy I want to attach my list to.

A.If you're having difficulties locating a hierarchy node in the hierarchy search, use the node code as well as the node name. For example: where the Node code is "LL" and Node name is "Law", enter "LL Law".

Q. Do I need to republish my list when the hierarchy code is updated?

When you make a change to add a list to a module code, there is no need to republish the reading list, hence the prompt to publish is not there. When the list is added to a hierarchy code, it is visible for users. If there are any changes to the list such as importances, new items and movement of sections, the 'Unpublished changes!  Your changes have been saved, but not published' banner will display to prompt the publishing of the list. 

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