Using the stand alone form to request a new digitisation


The standard workflow for requesting a digitisation, is to add a bookmark to a reading list and then request the digitisation from the list edit screen.  This article covers the alternative workflow - requesting a new digitisation using the standalone Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) request form.

Using the 'Request new digitisation' form

The 'Request new digitisation' form is located on the 'Requests' menu within TADC.

Once you open the form you will notice that it is exactly the same as the form you receive from within Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL), however as this form does not have a bookmark to retrieve information from, all of the fields are blank.

You can share the link to this form by copying the URL from your web browser. You can also embed the link within existing copyright web pages, replacing the need for emailed or manual requests.  Please read the disadvantages of using this form before sharing.

Why would you use this form?

  • When a digitisation is required for an item that will be directly linked from within the Learning Management System.  The requestor will receive an email once the digitisation is processed, including a link to the digitisation.
  • There is the option to manually link any unlinked digitisation requests to a reading list item, so if the academic wants to add this item to the reading list after a point in time they can do so.  They would also need to notify the digitisation team that the item is now available on a reading list so the request can be linked.

Disadvantages of using this form:

  • The form is not pre-populated with information that would be available from a bookmark.  Fields need to be manually completed so there is potential for human error.
  • The digitisation is not automatically linked to a reading list item, as it has not been generated from a reading list item.

Manually linking to a reading list item:

When raising a digitisation directly from TADC, you will have the option to manually link to a reading list item. For this, you need to copy the URL from the item on the reading list.

From the new list view:

  • click the actions button and select "Share item".  This will open a popup from which you can copy link to the item.

If you're using the classic list view, you can get the item URL by either:

  • copying the URL from the browser bar with the item page open
  • right-click the title to copy the item in the list view

Click 'Link to reading list' on the TADC request and paste the URL in the pop-up window.

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