Using APIs for Talis Aspire Reading Lists within your library catalogue


To ensure that your Talis Aspire Reading Lists are visible to academics and students, many of our universities use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to lookup and link to a reading list from the item in the library catalogue.

For a detailed explanation of APIs, please see our Talis Webinar on APIs

Examples of library catalogue integrations

This short video introduces you to some examples of reading lists being shown in library catalogues. All the links in the video are mentioned below.

Members of our community have shared examples of where they have successfully used APIs in their catalogues.

University of Brighton - ESS Prism

The University of Brighton linked from their ESS Prism library catalogue to the lists on which the item is found. 
University of Brighton

Aberystwyth University - Ex Libris Primo

Aberystwyth University added calls to Talis Aspire's item linking API to their Primo interface in two different places.

If you have any questions concerning the use of API's please raise a support ticket and Talis Services and Consulting will be able to guide you.
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