Assigning multiple list owners


We are often asked how to assign multiple list owners to a list when there can only be one designated List Owner in Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL). A module may be co-taught by a group of academics and all may wish to be assigned to the list.

How to display multiple list owners:

    1. From the edit menu of a list, select 'Edit List Details' within the title box at the top right side of the list.
    2. In the description box, add the name of the additional list collaborators and save.marketing_research_____Services__1_.png

When the list is published it is searchable using any of the list collaborators names as the search term. The description is displayed to students to identify who is co-teaching on that module alongside the designated List Owner.

Please note: This simply adds these names to the description field and does not grant any editing or publishing permissions. Please see our support article Invite list publishers to a specific list for information sharing the ability to edit and publish a list.

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