Validation checks - Talis Aspire Copyright Clearance Rollover

We added Validation checks to Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) rollover process primarily to support institutions who do not perform a Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL) rollover, but also to reduce the possibility of errors when selecting requests for rollover.

We have introduced some validation to rollover queues. When requests are added to a rollover queue for editing before pre-clearance, the rollover queue will display warnings when it detects requests which fall under certain criteria.

The rollover queue will generate a warning for the following scenarios:

  1. Rollover date conflicts: where the start date for the rollover is before the end date of the request/s rolled over from
  2. Double rollover: this warning tries to prevent double rollovers by highlighting source requests with start dates in the future
  3. No Reading List rollover: where requests are linked to a reading list item, where no reading list rollover has been detected, this will also be highlighted.
  4. Deleted items: we have made an improvement so that if an item has been deleted off a reading list when you come to roll over the request, it will be marked as no longer on a list so you can make the decision to remove or remove and archive so it won't appear in any more queues as available for rollover.


The validation warnings provide the option to filter the queue by the requests in question or to remove them from the queue. 


Where a reading lists rollover warning is presented, it is also possible to select to link the rolled over digitisations to the same list item or to manually link them following the rollover.


If you decide that you do not want to rollover in TARL, then all requests will ask you to confirm that you want to 'Link new requests to existing reading lists' and this will perform that action to link all. If you choose 'Manually link requests to reading list items after the rollover' you will need to action on EACH request and manually copy and paste the reading list item URL post rollover.

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