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We are collating frequently asked questions regarding List View Refresh. If you have a question that is not covered here please raise a support ticket.

Q - Will the new interface allow us to toggle between the two versions?

A - Yes, you can decide which view you want your students to see on a list-by-list basis. The 'List beta' toggle button allows students to decide their preference whilst we are in this rollout phase.

Q - Will there be a way to easily distinguish between books and ebooks on the List View Refresh?

A - Ebooks will be identifiable in a similar way to the existing view, where on the list view you have a 'View Online' button (formerly the Online Resource) to get quick direct access. The item can also be expanded inline with the list to see further detail and any other link available on the item.

Q - How will book jackets display if we no longer have an item view?

A - As part of the improvements made, the List View Refresh will display book jackets on the list itself. When the item is expanded inline the book jacket increases in size for prominence. Where a book jacket is not available, or the item is a different resource type, there are a series of symbols for each resource type that will display. Following feedback from our early beta users we have enabled these symbols to take on the colour palette of the University tenancy's branding.

Q - What can students and academics expect from the new list view in terms of accessibility and mobile compatibility?

A - At our annual conference, Talis Insight Europe 2017, our Head of UX, Jeremy Baines, gave a keynote on 'Improving mobile and accessibility experiences' which illustrates our commitment to accessibility and the mobile experience: . These principles have been applied to the development of the Talis Aspire List View Refresh and list edit functionality which is currently in development to build on the list view improvements.

We have spent time understanding how our users interact with reading lists and have drawn focus on two areas which we believe will improve student experience: performance and accessibility. These are explained here by the Team behind the update:

Q - We are working hard to implement LTI integration within our Learning Management System, will the List View Refresh support that seamlessly?

A - We fully support for LTI full list linking and section linking.

Q - We have a number of guides and tutorial videos which will need updating, when can we start to do this?

A - The first step in accessing the new List View allows staff, based on roles and permissions, to see the new view ahead of needing to display it to the students so the university can update guides and tutorials ahead of a switch on for any students. So rather than having to resource this to a release date, you are in control of that timeline for your university.

Q - We wish to review our citation styles as we understand these will be more prominent on the new list view. What do I need to do?

A - Currently the new List View allows you to apply a citation style to the list, so all bookmarks/items display in that citation style on the list itself. The default view as you access the list is without a citation style.

As part of the move towards the new List Edit we will be enabling the option for list editors to decide which citation style students should initially view the list in.

You may wish to review the citation styles available or add a university specific style. Guidance on how to do this can be found in the following support articles:

Q - Where do the book jacket/cover thumbnail images come from, some of them are not displayed even though they are available in the library catalogue?

A - To provide a wide and consistent coverage of book jackets the New List View searches for a matching ISBN on Nielsen Book Data, and pulls the images from there.  If there are multiple ISBNs in the bookmark, only the first ISBN will be used for the search.

Q - We have an image we use for our link resolver - are we able to have this same image display in the reading list instead of a text link?

A - Currently this isn't available, however if this is something you'd like investigated, please raise a support ticket.

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