Encouraging staff engagement with online reading lists (webinar)


What makes a good reading list? What do students do with reading lists? What helps them make the most of the reading list for a module?

In this webinar Allie Taylor, Academic Liaison Librarian from the University of Worcester, demonstrates how to encourage academic engagement through an interactive session on Talis Aspire Reading Lists. This session aims to encourage lecturers to consider how they can maximise the impact of their reading lists and increase use of library resources. It examines how to engage students with reading and how academic staff and the library can support students in using the resources available.

It will be useful to anyone hoping to further engage academic colleagues with online reading lists or wanting to breathe new life into departments where enthusiasm is flagging.

NOTE: This webinar is based on the presentation Allie delivered at Talis Insight Europe 2017.

Webinar recording 

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