CCC Electronic Works

Following guidance from the Copyright Licence Agency (CLA) we have made a change to the way the concierge interprets items under the CCC. These items are not currently covered by the CLA's Check Permissions API and cannot be automated by the CLA Digital Content Store either hence the change that has been made.

The Copyright Licence Agency (CLA) licence terms require that HEIs only scan CCC Electronic Rights works where the same is not reasonably available, but they must also comply with any special limitations applicable to any individual work.

This requirement to use a reasonably available version is not the case for all US titles, just those for which the CLA does not have a direct mandate from the publisher i.e. where they get the rights through a bilateral agreement with CCC rather than direct. Unfortunately, at present, there is no automated way to determine when a title falls into each category unless it has special terms attached, in which case it is definitely a CCC work.

The CLA advises that if a title is clearly published in the US, licensees should use Check Permissions in conjunction with the list of International Mandating Publishers (IMPs) on their International Territories page. If it is published in the US and the publisher does not appear on the list of IMPs, then it is a CCC Electronic Rights work.

We have made some changes to TADC to reflect this advice. Where the TADC concierge detects that a title is a US published title, it display a warning in the request screen, if we detect special restrictions it will be referred with the reason "CCC Electronic Rights work check required". The work log will also write out any special restrictions returned by the Check Permissions API. There is also a new dictionary message associated with this outcome. 

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