Vault Matching


The vault securely stores digitisation bundles. Each institution has its own vault. Files are stored securely, and users can never see or access the vault directly - for access, they must go via the sentry (the sentry securely authenticates users, and makes sure the right people can download content at the correct time).

For the vault to match requests to an existing PDF, it relies on the metadata of the initial request to match the new request. There can be some variation in chapter numbers and capitalisation, however the rest of the data does need to be the same. 

When the concierge matches a request with an existing request for which there is a PDF in the vault, the attached PDF will be re-used to create a bundle for the new request.

Improving the vault matching experience

Following feedback from users, we identified that the vault was too specific in its matching to existing pdf's in the vault.

As a starting point in finding matches more readily, we have relaxed the logic in a few ways:
  • It is no longer looking for exact title matches e.g. Oliver Twist will now match with oliver twist, whereas it would not previously, as it was case sensitive.
  • It will now match variations of chapter numbers in more ways e.g. Chapter 4, Chapter Four, Ch.4, Ch. Four, ch 4, chapter 4.

We have further work planned to improve the vault matching experience and will update again as these improvements become available.

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