Vault Matching


The vault securely stores digitisation bundles. Each institution has its own vault. Files are stored securely, and users can never see or access the vault directly - for access, they must go via the sentry (the sentry securely authenticates users, and makes sure the right people can download content at the correct time).

For the vault to match requests to an existing PDF, it relies on the metadata of the initial request to match the new request, including ISBNs, ISSNs, and page numbers.

Matching titles

There can be some variation in work and chapter titles, for example:

  • Not case sensitive: Oliver Twist will match with oliver twist
  • Variations in chapter referencing: Chapter 4, Chapter Four, Ch.4, Ch. Four, ch 4, chapter 4.

Matching page numbers

It also takes into consideration the page ranges in the request. Where the Concierge identifies a match with slightly different footnotes or reference pages, TADC will refer the request stating "Confirmation of vault copy needed".


To review the matched scans, click "Preview copies" in the Request referred box at the top of the request. This opens the matching review interface, where you can review the page data, OCR percentage, and preview the scan. Once you've identified a scan to attach to your digitisation request, click the round button to the left of the scan's details and click "Use selected scan".



When the concierge matches a request with an existing request for which there is a PDF in the vault, or you have manually selected a PDF to use, the attached PDF will be re-used to create a bundle for the new request.

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