Adding legal resources to Talis Aspire - Westlaw WAYFless URLs

Contributed by Richard Cross, Resource Discovery & Innovation Team Manager - Nottingham Trent University

The content for this article was following a discussion on lis-talis-aspire on how best to create an authenticated permalink back to a legal resource from Westlaw. Richard Cross had the following advice:

"We use Shibboleth login for Westlaw, but have created a number of individual library staff accounts that have Link Builder permissions.

Those staff members login to Westlaw (authenticating with Shibboleth) and then login to their individual Westlaw user profile (to pick up Link Builder permission, set up for us – using a staff email address as the key – by

Once that’s done, the Link Builder option appears in the icon set in the top right of a Westlaw item screen (see below):


Clicking on that opens up the pop-up where the staff member can enter the entityID for our Shibboleth IdP (which they can opt to save to their Westlaw account), and then copy the WAYFLess URL that Westlaw generates (see below).


So, for example, to deep-link through a Shibboleth login to “Deregulation Act 2015 c. 20 Schedule 13 Other measures relating to animals, food and the environment”, they would generate the following WAYFLess URL that they would then add to an Aspire item:<YOUR_ENTITY_ID>

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