Talis Product and Services Update - March 2017

Product Update Summary

We would like to update you on the progress of some of our key product development themes; click here to remind yourself of the Talis development focus.

Making changes at your university?

Please do remember to tell us if you plan to make changes to any of the systems we integrate with, such as Library Management Systems, OPAC, or Identity Providers.  A change to these without speaking to us first may cause issues with the use of the Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Talis Aspire Digitised Content.  Giving us notice of these changes means we can discuss the process and options, schedule consultancy or support if required so there is no impact to your student, academic, or library colleague users.


We held a Webinar on Monday 20th March to talk about the automation of the UK Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) reports and our planned for improvements to Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) to support this change. If you were unable to attend and would like to know more about the changes, please let us know by raising a support ticket. All universities affected should have received a letter advising of the change to the Talis Aspire Digitised Content UK Terms & Conditions, this would have been sent to the key individuals who were responsible for the contract for TADC.

Reviews 2.0 Beta update

Reviews 2.0 is now out of beta and we have 34 universities using it as the default for reviewing and acquiring stock on reading lists. A member of the Services Team will contact each university via Support to plan the migration steps with you. Reviews are used by everyone in a slightly different way, hence why we are planning to contact you individually to discuss your next steps and timeline.  If you have any questions around reviews, or would like to transition but have not been contacted yet then do raise a support ticket and you can view the FAQ’s here


Talis have been in communication with Westlaw to share with them them how Talis Aspire Reading Lists users interact with the Westlaw site, and to explain some of the issues that you face when trying to bookmark material.

We have been given access to Westlaw, and have now completed some analysis of the issues which we have written up in a document that Westlaw can use to explain the issues internally and aid their discussions. We’re hopeful that working together in this way will mean that bookmarking Westlaw hosted resources to Talis Aspire Reading Lists will improve.

We’ll update again when we have more info from Westlaw.

Releases of interest

As you know, Talis is agile in our development, which means we make multiple small releases and updates to our products on a weekly basis.  This allows us to release improvements as they are ready, while maintaining our 99.99% uptime throughout 2016.  We have implemented a Product Update page where you can view all release information including all improvements or fixes released in Talis Aspire.  This site is available from the top navigation bar on the Talis Support site.  Releases that you may be particularly interested in are:

Community Contributions

We are launching a new section on our support.talis.com homepage called Community Contributions. We already have a wealth of community contributed webinars listed there, but we are now looking for other sorts of best practice or top tips you wish to share. These may be small hints regarding the bookmarking from a particularly tricky resource, or reporting filters or Google Analytics that prove very useful for a monthly task. If you have something you wish to share with others, then please let us know by raising a support ticket.

Support articles of interest


Talis Aspire Reading Lists now supports bookmarking from over 260 different sources. You can see the full list of bookmarks that Talis supports in the following article, where can I bookmark from?

This month, we have updated several existing recognisers and added new recognisers for the following sites:

    • I-law.com
    • Learning & Memory

If you bookmark from a site and would like to see improvements, please raise a support ticket.

Developer Community

March’s developer community newsletter focusing on using LTI alongside existing integrations within Learning Management Systems. Don’t miss out on next month’s newsletter. To register to join our developer community, please email consulting@talis.com

Things to think about

Would you like to organise a review with the Talis team? This would be focusing on getting the most from Talis Aspire and ensuring Talis Aspire is working as efficiently as possible for your University. Please email Alison Spencer (as@talis.com) to organise a time that works for you and your team to have a call.

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