Talis Insight Europe taster (webinar)


Talis Insight Europe is a key event in the Talis calendar bringing together library leaders and professionals in higher education, to explore the role of libraries in the institutional strategy and the impact of technology in learning and teaching. 

This webinar gives you a preview of what is happening at Talis Insight Europe 2017 on the 25th and 26th April. The Services Team are joined by a number of representatives from universities talking about how attending the event in previous years has inspired them, shaped projects and built valuable contacts to support and share best practice with. 

Included in the webinar is the role of the Talis Aspire User Group community, hearing how user group speakers and sessions have been an essential part of the planning of Talis Insight and how Talis Aspire User Group representatives input into the Talis Awards that are being presented at the Talis Awards Dinner. 

Webinar recording 



 As always all sessions are recorded and will be shared after the event.

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