Quick Add

What is Quick Add?

Quick Add enables you to create a new bookmark directly from Talis Aspire Reading Lists, without the need to visit external sites. You can use Quick Add to search for results based on author, partial or full title, or ISBN.

How does Quick Add work and why should I use it?

Quick Add uses Nielsen Book Data to search for book titles matching your search text. The more of the citation you add when searching, the closer the results will be. Search with an ISBN to find an exact match. When you select an item, you will be presented with the book's data, identifying the editions available in your library catalogue, and those that are external. If there is a match in your existing bookmarks this will also be displayed. 

By using this method to bookmark a book, the user is able to identify what stock will be immediately available for students to select within the library, making resourcing far simpler. This option is a good way for academics to make swift updates to their reading list.

How do I use Quick Add?

Quick Add is currently available in two locations within Talis Aspire Reading Lists:

Using Quick Add from My Bookmarks (Classic List Edit)

This method is for those using the Classic List Edit and will be unavailable after you default to the New List Edit.  Those with the New List Edit can skip to Using Quick Add from New List Edit.

  1. When you're in your 'My Bookmarks' area, click the 'Add' button. This will display a drop-down menu from which you can select 'Quick add book'.
  2. Enter the details of the book you are looking for. This example uses the title, however as mentioned above you could also search using the author or ISBN.
  3. Once you select a title, you will then be presented with information on which editions the library has in stock.
  4. Locate the edition you wish to bookmark and click 'Select'. 
  5. A pop-up box will appear on screen where you can edit the metadata, add notes, etc. Once you save this item, it will be added to your 'My bookmarks'.

Using Quick Add from within New List Edit

This method replaces the Classic Quick Add described above.

  1. Access Quick Add from within a reading list by clicking 'Add Resource' on the Action bar. This will display a search modal that allows you to search your existing bookmarks, as well as books on Nielsen Book Data.
  2. Select the book you wish to add your your list by clicking the title.  This will expand inline with the other search results to show you details of published editions, as well as their stock status in your library catalogue.
  3. Locate the edition you wish to bookmark and click the plus button. This will add the items to your list, as well as to your 'My bookmarks'.
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