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This article guides you how to use the Quick Add function within Talis Aspire Reading Lists. 

What is Quick Add? 

The Quick Add enables the user to bookmark directly from Talis Aspire Reading Lists, without the need of going to external sites. The Quick Add will search for results based on Author, partial title or ISBN. 

How does Quick Add work?

Search results come from a database of book titles using Nielsen Book Data and will be displayed in priority of what appears already on a reading list first, then followed by other relevant titles. The more of the citation you add when searching the closer the results will be. An ISBN will return an exact match. When the user selects an item, the system will present the data, identifying the items which appear in the library catalogue and those that are external. The system does this live look up on your catalogue using the ISBN.

How do I access Quick Add? 

Within Talis Aspire Reading List, select 'My Bookmarks' from the main navigation bar, then select the 'Add' button which will display a drop-down menu. Select 'Quick add book' which is the top option on this menu to use the functionality. 

Why should I use Quick Add? 

In the example below, the user can search for a book by title and the system automatically presents what editions the library has in stock. When bookmarking a resource, the user is able to identify what stock will be immediately for students to select within the library, making resourcing easier. This option is a good way for academics to make swift updates to their reading list. 


How do I bookmark from the Quick Add option? 

Simply click select next to the appropriate edition, a pop-up box will be presented where metadata can be edited and the notes field for the user can be added. When saved, this item will be in the 'My bookmarks' list on the right side when a list is in edit mode to be selected into a particular section of a list. 


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