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We held a webinar to help users of Talis Aspire Digitised Content (TADC) understand the automated reporting option now available in TADC

Please note: We've extended our testing phase with the CLA by a few weeks so we won't be sending customer reports on the 1st April, but by May 1st 2017. The deadline for opting out of  automated reporting for 2016-17 submission is still 31st March.

Q - Can we opt-in after the edit request function is complete after Quarter 2?

A - If you wish to opt in to the reporting year 2017-18, having opted out of 2016-17, which starts on the 1st June 2017 and the first submission for that period will be 1st July 2017, we suggest you let us know you intention to do so by 31st May 2017 to ensure we carry out that request to start sending that data for you form 2017-18.

Q - Will we be able to edit request data such as module code or student numbers before data is sent to CLA for annual report?  Currently we need to upload scans with estimated student numbers these get confirmed at a later date, is the figure okay to change?

We took this question back to the CLA they confirm that they understand that student numbers change and in fact that they may not know them until the end of the year. The student numbers used for distribution will be the final ones in the Annual OPS load file.So there is no need to worry if the numbers differ from the monthly submission to the annual. This also applies to Course code errors corrected.

Q - Would we have to edit student numbers for every request for a module? Or is there a way of just updating the student numbers?

A - This is something we can consider in the solution, we aim to make individual requests editable but can see the benefit of module based edits, this maybe something we look to improve overtime. We cannot guarantee this level of editing will be available from Q2

Q - How will corrections or missing data be rectified in the reports?

A -We will be enabling request editing in Quarter 2 April - June 2017 (Q2) This will be in place for the new reporting period. If you choose to automate for this current reporting period you will be unlikely to edit that data prior to full submission.

Q - What happens if there are any edits we would want to make before the editing function becomes available?

A - Currently, the only way to edit LIVE requests is to withdraw and resubmit, though withdrawn requests will be part of this data sent to the CLA

Q - Is the edit functional availability in Q2 guaranteed?

A - Yes it is our Q2 development plan to be delivered before end of Q2 and next reporting period

Q - Will editing requests include being able to edit the url of the item it is linked to?

Yes this is one of the scenarios we will consider as part of the development

Q - Can I ask that if you mess up the dates in rollover or request the wrong dates, items have to be withdrawn and resubmitted currently to tidy them up, will I be able to edit?

A - We will consider this as part of the edit request development in Q2.

Q - You mentioned pre-submission reports being available - please could you clarify? Will each monthly report be available in advance so we can check and amend before it is sent?

A - Updated June 2017 - Having looked at the development of pre-submission reports we have decided that the current reports meet the needs in understanding what will be submitted to the CLA. The Requests report run within the date range will provide the majority of information, the additional usage and CLA check permissions outcomes are accessible within the request. The monthly report once generated and submitted will be available to review, if you do spot errors on the submitted monthly reports you can correct ahead of the final annual submission once the edit functionality is available.

Q - How will extracts digitised for reading lists with multiple course codes be reported? Currently we remove all course codes from a reading list but one, process the digitisation request and then re-link all the course codes. We then keep a note of the course codes and manually add the details to the CLA report in June each year. How will this be dealt with under the automated reporting for the June annual report?

A - This is part of our Q2 objectives to improve this behaviour for the upcoming reporting year 2017-18, so that rather than amend the data for submission, make it possible for the requests and accurate reporting to be captured without the workaround you currently need to do.

Q - Why are the reports being submitted monthly to the CLA?

A -This is part of the automated reports requirement from the CLA so they have almost real-time data, then a concluding report at the end of each year. How they use this data can be raised with the CLA directly.

Q - Will the new reports in TADC be available to institutions who opt out of automatic reporting?  

A - The reports will only be available to universities who opt into automated report submission. The CLA Census Report is available for those opting out to see data currently and will continue to be the case. The request report is also available to all to see data, if you note any improvements to current reports, these can be suggested via

Q - Can you clarify the ‘response’ details will it show all comments etc, made while the concierge is processing the request?

Response details in the report - Check Permissions report is the results from the CLA Check Permissions API. All we put in the report is what that statement was - positive/negative or warning. No other detail has been added as per the CLA request.

Q - Have the CLA given any idea for what they'll use the usage figures?

The CLA have not given us detail on the need for usage figures, this is something you can ask the CLA directly.

Q - When will the monthly reports be available for us to see in TADC?

The post submission reports will be available once we switch on the reporting for 1st May 2017, we are currently working on enabling the reports ahead of submission, though these are also hoped to be available in Q1

Q - On what date will each monthly report be submitted?

A - 1st of each month, starting 1st May 2017, and the annual submission 15th June 2017.

Q - What will happen with digitisation requests that have been withdrawn and reloaded right away as a mistake was made when uploading the pdf or typos were spotted in the copyright notice? Will these be reported as withdrawn?

A- Any request that was available, Live, within that reporting month even if withdrawn will be reported. The need to withdraw many requests will go away with the edit request work in Q2 as you will be editing the same request to correct issues. We cannot change the existing data from this current reporting period 2016-17 to exclude withdrawn.

Q- Multiple modules issue - what about the 2016-17 reporting period? If we use automatic reporting, is there any way of correcting the data for the annual report this June?

A - No, this additional data cannot be added to automated reports, so it may be best if you have high instances of these to opt-out in 2016-17, and re-join automation for reporting period 2017-18, as this work is planned for completion in Q2.

Q - Presumably a 'warning' response would only be connected to a rejected or withdrawn report?

A - A warning could be for example if an item is “Not found” in the CLA Check Permissions but may still be allowed to be copied once checked manually for clearance.

Q - Will student numbers be updated in TADC if they are updated in TARL?  The same question would also apply to course names and codes that are edited in TARL?

A - This is not planned in the Q2 changes though we do see the benefit, this would be out of scope in the given timeframe. Deeper integration is something we would like to achieve in the longer term.

Q - What about monthly data already collected for this year? Can this be edited if anything is wrong? e.g. student number

A - The edit request functionality will apply to requests for reporting period 2017-18, so requests for this current reporting period will not be able to be edited prior to the annual submission, if choosing to automate. You can still opt-out and choose to submit manually for this current year 2016-17 allowing you to edit the report itself, and then opt-in to 2017-18, if preferred.

Q - For what kind of reasons might institutions decide to opt-out?

Others may want to start when they can edit the reports that are sent to the CLA to make final edits to student numbers or to add lines that detail when a scan has been used across multiple modules.

Q - If we want to opt out until next year, who do we email?

Subscribers to Talis Aspire Digitised Content may opt out of automated reporting at any time by writing to The Company Secretary, Talis Education Ltd, 48 Frederick Street, Birmingham B1 3HN or by email at

Q - How are withdrawn and resubmitted requests interpreted for reporting purposes? (ie a bookmark with digitised content removed from a list in error and has to be resubmitted as new request for the same module)

A - Both requests will appear on reports and will show the course code so when CLA review data, they will identify this is the for the same item.

Q - Can you explain more about the process of replacing XISBN and what this means please?

XISBN is the service used to identify a request and the work and all the manifestations of that work and pull metadata from that item for the source. There were issues with XISBN being updated from Worldcat and had they had issues with their update process. They are looking to shut down the service or create a new service. We are looking to move our dependency from that product and service and make the system behave better when the match fails so other checks can happen and ultimately replace the system with another source to augment the manifestation status

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