Using the CLA Digital Content Store with Talis Aspire Reading Lists (without Integration)


Many of our customers are using the Copyright Licensing Agency's Digital Content Store (CLA DCS) alongside their Talis Aspire Reading List (TARL) tenancy. This document takes you through how to add links from the CLA DCS into your existing reading list items, and how you can then report on these using the All List Item Report in TARL.

Managing digitisation requests through TARL

You may decide that you want to continue with your current workflows for academics to request digitisations, and it is only once the URL for the digitisation is available that you want to add this into the TARL item.

If you want to embed the workflow then you can use the Library Note feature. Using the Library Note on an item in your reading list the academic can request for an item to be digitised. The Library Note can then be picked up at the point of the list going for review. In the review a list can be filtered by Library Note and passed to the relevant team who deal with digitisations.

Digitisation ready to be linked to a TARL item

Once a digitisation is ready in the CLA DCS and you have the required URL, this can be added to a list using the web address field in an item. You can do this by:

  1. Find the item on the reading list
  2. Choose "edit metadata"
  3. Add "web address" field into the item
  4. Add the URL as provided by the CLA to the web address field
  5. Save the item

This link will then appear in the item record so that students can access the digitisation.

Can I report on digitisations that have been raised by the CLA DCS?

Yes, you can use the All List Item Report to report on digitisation links within your tenancy. If you run this report and filter by "Time Period" and "Resource Type = chapters, articles, books, journals" and then export the report to CSV.

Once you have the report you can filter by web address to remove all those items that don't have a URL in them. Then with the remaining items you can filter further using the generic part of the CLA DCS links "". This will provide you with all the items that you have digitised as part of using TARL in a given time period.

We use the CLA DCS but are interested in Talis Aspire Digitised Content to make our digitisation process embedded even more.

Using Talis Aspire Digitised Content allows academics to raise requests directly from their reading list item, a form is automatically populated with all the metadata of the item and the course information. The library are alerted and can action that request and once the digitisation is live the link is added automatically to the item and available for students.

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