Removing barriers - integrating reading lists into VLE/LMS using LTI (webinar)


For a student to find their reading list, it is important that it is in a place easy to access. A universities Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)/Learning Management System (LMS) has all the course information, including module breakdown and assignment submission that a student needs.

By ensuring that all of their course learning resources are fully accessible within their VLE/LMS, students are able to quickly and easily navigate to their reading list with access to their online resources in one place.

Technical Consultant at Talis, Tim Hodson talks through the implementation of Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) to integrate Talis Aspire reading lists to your university VLE/LMS. Tim also answers questions from the attendees of the Webinar to help make their integration a success. The VLE systems covered are: Canvas, Blackboard and Moodle.

Webinar recording  

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    Jo Ryder

    Thank you, always good to be able to catch up with the webinars, especially this one. Seeing the Moodle demo was particularly useful. Also the verbal explanations one the more technical details re P3P etc.

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    Zena Amos

    Thank you for you feedback Jo, glad to know the webinars are hitting the right topics.

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