How to produce SAML attributes when asked by a Talis support consultant

If you or one of your colleagues find they are having difficulty logging onto the system for any of the following reasons:

  • Being asked to create a new profile 
  • Identifying you have more than one profile 
  • Error message 
  • Loss of roles or permissions
  • Loss of bookmarks or associated lists

When reporting to Talis support you will be asked to include the users SAML attributes, this is so the issue can be fully investigated and rectified swiftly.

This is how you can identify your SAML attributes:

  • Log in to Talis as the affected user or ask your colleague who is reporting the issue to log into Talis
  • Go to the following location, using your tenancy base within the URL, for example for Broadminster University:  http://<>/saml/attributes or https://<>/saml/attributes
  • Copy the on-screen text and paste it into the existing support ticket (Do not send a screenshot - the can image can be compressed making the data hard to accurately read).
  • Talis Support will investigate your profile for you and let you know what action needs to be taken.


For further information on user profiles see the article: Your user profile in Talis Aspire Reading Lists


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