Transitioning to Reviews 2.0


We are pleased to announce that Reviews 2.0 is out of beta and we are ready to begin the migration process to replace the old reviews area in Talis Aspire Reading Lists. We will be contacting all customers to arrange the transition process with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we still be able to use old Reviews?
While Reviews 2.0 has been in beta customers have been able to dual run both versions of the reviews functionality. Reviews 2.0 is going to be the default reviews functionality in Talis Aspire, so we are beginning the process of migrations for customers. This will be done in conversation with our customers to ensure that you are ready to make the transition. When a review is requested it will be pushed straight to Reviews 2.0.

Why is it changing?
Reviews 2.0 has been developed and tested through communication with you our customers. The changes we have made allow you to further manage your acquisitions. We hope the new Reviews will add additional value for your teams by further streamlining the acquisitions workflow.

What changes can we expect?
As well as a number of bug fixes, you can expect many improvements across areas of the reviews platform. This includes:

  • Alerts - Reviews 2.0 will help users focus on the important things when performing reviews. Using alerts, the functionality helps to identify lists and items which have changes and information which require the reviewer's attention. Ths includes alerts about new lists not seen in reviews before, number of items with changes in a review and within a list review, alerts for new items added to the lists, new editions, changes to library notes, student notes and changes in student numbers. You can find out more about this here.
  • Reviews 2.0 helps you to identify the how a resource is being used across the university by showing a student number breakdown of other lists on which an item appears across the university.
  • Reviews 2.0 retains historic review outcomes and comments so you can see the decisions that have been made about an item, not just on the list that is being reviewed but on other lists where that item appears
  • Reduced load times as the processing is done at the point the review is submitted
  • The ability to display the comments and outcomes for all instances of an item as the default in Reviews 2.0
  • Automatically return to the correct item and position in your list review after editing the item
  • The reviews will remember what item you were last reviewing when you return to the list review
  • Force review workflow option  (both "Publish" and Request review" options are available but on publish, a review request is sent to the library unless the user has the "View reviews data" permission, in which case, it doesn't force review)
  • Rollover with lists under review - you will now be notified at point of rollover if there are lists still under review. (this does not prevent you from rolling over)

I have a list review in progress in Reviews 1.0, but I can't see it in Reviews 2.0
Before the migration to Reviews 2.0 can be completed, all reviews in progress in Reviews 1.0 need to completed as they cannot be sent to Reviews 2.0. When those lists are sent for review again once the migration is complete, it will automatically be sent to the new Reviews area

Am I going to be able to export from reviews?
The functionality for reporting that was available for the old reviews will be added into Reviews 2.0. This reporting will allow you to report on all reviews as well as individual reviews data. We will update you when this is added into Reviews 2.0.

What do we need to do?
There is nothing you need to do for now, the Services Team will be in touch with you over the coming weeks to manage your migration process and will be able to answer any specific queries, or provide support on the new view.

We’ve never used reviews before - can we start now?
Yes - the team will be in touch with you over the coming weeks to start this process with you.

Who should I contact if I need help?
Please raise a support ticket and detail how we can help. If you would like additional support on making the most of acquisitions efficiency, get in touch to find out how a Reviews Business Process Review could help your team. To find out more about BPRs, watch this session from Talis Insight Europe 2016.


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