Using Devolved Constraints to remove academic barriers (webinar)


For an academic to create a reading list there are several steps they need to go through to begin using Talis Aspire.  One of these steps is sending the academic an invite to use the system, which gives permissions enabling the creation and publication of lists. This need for an invite can be a barrier to academics using the system. 

Using your University authentication it is possible to use what we refer to as "Devolved constraints", this allows the academic to automatically sign in and be given the role associated with their authentication profile. Alex Collins from Anglia Ruskin University presented how they have successfully implemented this at their University and how they overcame the technical challenges they faced.

It was great to have Alex to explain the process of Devolved Constraints and our Technical Consultant, Tim Hodson supported with questions and examples of other universities who have successfully used Devolved Constraints to remove the barrier for academics. 

In this webinar Alex shared with us: 

  • How Devolved Constraints works with Shibboleth Authentication system. 
  • What you need to accomplish to successfully integrate Devolved Constraints
  • The Authentication workflow 
  • How to put Devolved constraints into practice.  

Listen to this webinar if devolved constraints are something you are interested in implementing at your University.




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