Using Trello to organise your reading list workflows (webinar)


All of us in our day to day lives have workflows that we follow to complete tasks, whether at home or work. When using any system involving different people/teams/departments it is important to have clear workflows so all involved know what is expected of them at each stage.

The University of St Andrews have been working to see how they can best organise their use of Talis Aspire Reading Lists and to better manage their processes.

In this webinar Colin Bovaird, Hilda McNae and Vicki Cormie share with us how they have used Trello to manage this task.

They shared with us:

  • the reason for wanting a management tool
  • the options they had and why they selected Trello
  • how this was organised and workflows decided
  • the plusses and minuses
  • next steps

Webinar recording


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