How can I identify a time period slug?

This article is useful when checking settings for Learning Management System integrations when testing or amending time period regex or custom parameters. 


What is is slug?

A slug is used to make a name that is not acceptable for various reasons - e.g. containing special characters, too long, mixed-case appropriate for the target usage. So in the context of time periods in Talis Aspire Reading Lists here is a typical example:

Display name = Academic Year 2016/17

Slug = 2016-17


How can I identify a particular time period slug?

To identify the time period slug, first access a list attached to that time period, go onto your list URL, for example: 

change the .html to .json showing the following link:

Locate in the detail the link relating to the time period, in this case: 

click to follow this link to display the format of time period slug;




If you wish to amend a time period or change what we have as the time period slug within your tenancy then please raise a support ticket 

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