Archiving a list

Archiving is typically used for lists for which the time period has expired, for instance, you can bulk archive at the point of rollover this keeps an archived record of the list/s. An archived list is no longer published and cannot be discovered via the search functionality. The list will exist solely in the List Owner's My Lists area and lists tab of their profile and can be accessed only by the List Owner or those with edit permissions. Archived lists are also searchable using the All Lists report. 

To archive a list, click the Archive option in the Edit drop-down menu. Archive capability is only available to users with roles containing the permission to "Archive list". Archive capability is not available in the Edit menu if a list has an active review. An archive operation cannot be undone.

Once the list has been archived, when viewed, it will have an Archived list status label and messaging to let you know it has been archived. The only actions available on an archived list are Copy and Delete.

What if I archive a list by mistake?

If a list has been archived and is still needed for a taught module, then from the archived list you can select to "copy" the list and this will make it draft and editable again.

More questions, see:  Archiving a reading list FAQ

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