Archiving a list

Archiving is typically used for lists where the time period has ended so you are no longer wanting to edit them. You can bulk archive at the point of rollover - this keeps an archived record of the list/s.

Finding and accessing archived lists

An archived list is no longer published and cannot be discovered via the search functionality.

Archived lists can be discovered and accessed by:

  • the List Owner from their 'My Lists' area, and on the 'Lists' tab of their profile,
  • those that have saved the list in their 'My Lists' area,
  • those that have access to the All Lists report,
  • anyone with a direct link to the list.

How to archive a list

You can archive an individual list by going to the list and, from the 'Edit' menu, selecting 'Archive'.  A popup will appear asking you to confirm you want to archive the list and letting you know that once a list has been archived it cannot be made live again. 

Who can archive a reading list?

Archive capability is only available to users with roles containing the permission to "Archive list". The option to Archive is not available if a list has an active review or if a list has never been published.

How can you tell if a list has been archived?

Archived lists will have an 'Archived' status label and a message letting you know it has been archived. 


What actions are available on an archived list

The only actions available on an archived list are Copy and Delete.

What if I archive a list by mistake?

If you have archived a list by mistake, as said above, you aren't able to undo the archiving. Instead you can create a copy of the the archived list. This copy will be created in draft and is editable.

For other answers to frequently asked questions, see:  Archiving a reading list FAQ

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