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This article details how to manually add journal article information to an existing bookmark for a Journal.

Adding journal metadata using DOI look up

This is a useful method for when you have a DOI for a resource you want to bookmark to your list. Talis uses Crossref as a source to add further detail to bookmarks to bring in the metadata to the bookmark. 

  1. From the main navigation bar, select 'My bookmarks'.
  2. Select 'Add' from the menu on the right-hand side of your screen. This brings a dropdown menu where you select 'add manually'. This takes you to the edit metadata screen where you can manually enter details of a resource.
  3. Using the dropdown menu located at the bottom of the page, select to Lookup via: DOI
  4. Enter the  DOI  into the blank box and click 'Lookup'. If a match is found in Crossref, the bookmark will be filled with information from that source of truth.
  5. You can now review the metadata, updating as you choose. Once you are happy with the metadata you are ready to create your bookmark.

Note: Some institutions may prefer different linking methods, if you're unsure of which is being used then check with Talis support team by raising a ticket. For details on URL linking see our support article How the View Online button works. 

How to add journal article information to your bookmark

This method can be used when there is an existing bookmark and the DOI has not been found in Crossref, allowing you to add further journal article information: 

  1. Open a journal bookmark from your bookmarks or a reading list and click 'Edit metadata'.  Note:  You need to be logged in to see this option.
  2. Select the Add field option which will bring up a list.
  3. Select the ‘Has part (chapter, article, etc)' and click ‘Add’.
  4. This will add a secondary tab to your bookmark.  You can now select the Resource Type dropdown and select 'Article'.
  5. You then add the 'Title'.
  6. You can also include further details for the article by using the 'Add field' dropdown and selecting the relevant fields.
  7. Click 'Save' to update the bookmark with the added detail.

The full details of the journal article will be visible when the student clicks into the resource, or exports the citation into a reference management software. 



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