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To engage with Talis Aspire Reading Lists (TARL) you are required to create a profile.  This means that all of the things you create in TARL are saved for you to access again, including reading intentions, notes, bookmarks and reading lists.

What's in your profile?

 When you set up your profile you are asked for:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • How you describe yourself (there are several options available under the broad categories of teaching staff, student and other) 
  • Your profile privacy/visibility selection: Private or public

Authentication is based on the use of a Persistent ID which is automatically sent to Talis Aspire when you authenticate through your university's login system. This is attached to your profile so that you don't need to set up a separate password to access this system.

How to edit your profile

You can edit all of the information you have added to your profile, including your name, email address(es) etc. To do this complete the following:

  1. Login to TARL, click your name in the navigation bar then "View Profile".
  2. Click the Edit button (located to the right of your screen).
  3. Make any changes you need/would like.
  4. Once you are done click "Save Profile".

Note: If your tenancy has Automatic Profile enabled, users will not be able to edit their names or emails in their Talis Aspire profile. All changes for names and emails would be fed through from the university provided SAML attributes, you can read more in this support article.

Having problems?

If you or a colleague are struggling to login to Talis Aspire, or if there are any problems with the information once you log in, please follow the steps detailed in the following support article: How to produce SAML attributes when asked by a Talis support consultant

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