Moving to GA4 - Webinar

Each Talis Aspire tenancy is attached to a Google Analytics property, which allows selected users to gain insights into site traffic and user behaviour. Some time ago Google announced that it would be discontinuing Universal Analytics (the iteration of Google Analytics we had been using) and moving users over to GA4, a newly updated version of the service.

In late 2022 we set up GA4 properties for each of our institutions to ensure that data would be captured in the new format without a break in service as users move from one system to the next. Leeds Beckett University have been using GA4 extensively for a while across the institution, and were given early access so that they could assess how the new platform can be used to measure Talis Aspire usage.

In this webinar James Fisher - Digital Enhancement Co-ordinator at Leeds Beckett talks about some of the differences between Universal Analytics and GA4 and demonstrates some of the dashboards that he's created to monitor Talis Aspire usage. Our head of Customer Success Tim Hodson also talks about the differences between Google Analytics and Advanced MIS when considering how to measure student engagement.




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