Navigating the new accessible e-reader (supporting ePub files)

Note: this article is relevant for Sage Catalyst customers. Sage Catalyst is a learning and teaching resource powered by Talis Elevate.

As of June 2023, Sage Catalyst titles will be available in ePub format. The ePub reader has several differences to be aware of compared to the traditional Talis Elevate reader you may have used before. This support article will address the functionality of the new ePub reader.

ePub Reader Interface

The layout of the reader interface for ePub resources is significantly changed from previous iterations of the Catalyst reader. A screenshot of the new reader experience is included below.


Above the content of the resource, users are shown the title of the book and are provided with four options.

  • Clicking the ⓘ icon will display the title of the resource, as well as any associated description that has been added.
  • The “prev chapter” button will navigate the resource to the beginning of the previous chapter.
  • The “next chapter” button will navigate the resource to the beginning of the next chapter.
  • Clicking the right-most button will give the option to change notification settings, invite a colleague to use Talis Elevate in their teaching, to view our accessibility statement, to display the help menu, and to log out.

Three options are displayed to the left of the resource.

The top option, the search function, allows you to search the Catalyst title for specific words or phrases. These words and phrases will be highlighted in context, allowing users to choose whether to navigate to the relevant section.


The middle option, the table of contents, allows users to navigate the Catalyst title by section and/or chapter. Clicking any of the headings will navigate the user to the relevant part of the resource.

The bottom option, the settings function, allows users to control elements of their reading experience. Users have the option to set the font size of the content they are reading. They can also change the background colour, choosing between white, paper, and sepia tones. Users may also select a font preference. Users can choose between three fonts: Arial, Georgia, and Open Dyslexic.

Adding Catalyst Resources to Talis Elevate

Users can read Catalyst e-books by choosing the “Read with Sage Catalyst” option within the discovery layer interface, and then selecting the chapter they wish to read.


At the moment, you cannot add ePub resources to a Talis Elevate module. However, it is still possible to add Catalyst resources from the discovery layer as PDF files.

Once you have created your Talis Elevate module, navigate to your dedicated institutional Discovery Layer webpage. Select the “Teach with Talis Elevate” option, and find the book and chapter you wish to add to your Talis Elevate module. Click the + sign on the chapter you wish to add.


The “Find a Module” pop-up will display. Select the appropriate module, and click the “add to module” button.


The resource will now be available in your Talis Elevate module.

Annotating ePub files

At the moment, there is no facility to add comments or personal notes to ePub files. To collaborate on Sage Catalyst resources, please add a PDF resource to your Talis Elevate module using the steps outlined above.

Downloads and Copying

Catalyst e-books in ePub format allow users to download one chapter per e-book every four months, with unlimited downloads of the chosen chapter during that time. Alternatively, users can copy and paste up to 10% of each e-book for personal study. There will be a visible counter tracking the amount copied. For more information on downloading and working with ePub files, click here.


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