Developing Confidence in Academic Reading with Talis Elevate

We're delighted to share the following case study from Aimee Merrydew, Curriculum Developer at Keele University. In this case study, Aimee shares how Talis Elevate has impacted online, blended, and in-person teaching, and details how collaborative annotation deepens and develops the academic reading experience.

"Talis Elevate not only helps teachers to model academic reading strategies and other core practices, it also encourages learners to co-construct knowledge and makes reading more fun by encouraging them to engage actively with the sources."

Aimee Merrydew

We're grateful to Aimee for sharing her findings in this case study. If you would like to contribute a case study, please email our EdTech Success Consultant.

To read the full case study, please click the link below to download as a PDF.

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