Open Access Bookmarking


Talis Aspire now supports the easy identification and bookmarking of Open Access (OA) resources for use within lists. This has been requested by users and the following benefits identified:

  • Show commitment to and raise the profile of OA materials
  • Remove authentication barriers for students, ensuring easy linking
  • Allow teaching staff and librarians to find OA materials quickly
  • Link to items that may not be available in the library's collection

This article explains how the bookmarking workflow can be used.


When a user bookmarks an item for use within Talis Aspire, the screen separates, with the left hand side showing the user what metadata has been captured for the resource. If Talis Aspire detects an OA version of the item, an additional banner and button is displayed at the top of this area:


The presence of an OA version is determined by comparing the captured information against a Lean Library knowledge base that includes metadata from Unpaywall, Core and other sources.

The user can choose to ignore this and simply click on 'Create' to save the bookmark as normal. However, if they click on 'Add open access link', an additional window appears:


This is similar to the existing 'Online Resource' screen which governs how an item should link, but also includes an option to link to the OA location. Selecting this will mean that the 'View Online' button which appears next to the resource when it's placed into a list will now direct a student to the OA version of the resource.


Q: What if we currently have proxying rules in place when linking to selected items?

A: Currently existing proxying rules will be applied to OA items; we will be carrying out further development so that items bookmarked via this route will not be proxied.

Q: Are OA items marked differently than other items?

A: Currently OA resources appear the same as other items, both in the list itself and when viewed via an exported report.



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