Talis Aspire Product and Services Update - February 2016

Welcome to the February edition of the Talis Product and Services Update.

Talis Aspire Reading Lists – Law Resource Types
You can now add resource types for law resources in Talis Aspire Reading Lists, giving some better clarity to your law reading lists. These are Legal case document, Legal document and Legislation. There is a support article that talks further about working with legal resources.

Talis Aspire Reading Lists – Improving Accessibility
We have made a change to the navigation bar of all Talis Aspire Reading Lists tenancies (this is now live). To learn about the benefits that this work has achieved (beyond improving accessibility), please visit our blog. If you are interested in restyling or making changes to your tenancy please raise a support ticket, this article outlines the areas of your tenancy that can be branded.

Talis Aspire Reading Lists – Reminder Moodle and Screen Scraping
This only applies if you are using Moodle and a Moodle plugin which was not supplied by Talis, and which relies on any form of screen scraping to retrieve list details. We wanted to flag with you that the list overview page is being redesigned in Talis Aspire Reading Lists, and it is highly likely that these plugins will not continue to work with the refreshed List View. At this point we are keen that you let us know if this affects you, so that we can help you move to a more stable solution. Please raise a support ticketto let us know which Moodle plugin you are using. Thank you for the responses so far.

Talis now supports bookmarking from over 200 different sources, this month we have added the following Bookmark recognisers:

  • CAB Ebooks
  • Science Mag
  • Naxos Music Library

You can see the full list of bookmarks that Talis supports please take a look at the following article, Where can I bookmark from?If there is a site that you use that you would like Talis to effectively bookmark from, then please raise a support ticket.

Talis Insight
Talis Insight APAC was an exciting 2-day event that featured a stunning lineup of presenters; check out our blog post for a recap of the day, or go straight to the presentations and recordings if you would like to learn more about any of the presentations or presenters, then do let us know, please raise a support ticket.  This is a taster for the agenda that we are currently preparing for Talis Insight Europe being held on 20th and 21st April 2016 in Birmingham; if you are interested in learning more, and participating in the discussion, registration is now open.

Future Learn
We are in the age of online courses being offered to all that would like to learn new skills, gain more knowledge and progress personally. We are interested in knowing whether you are being asked to create reading lists for these courses or if your academics are using them as bookmarks to lead students to learn more. We have three questions we would like to ask you in this short survey.

Improving Acquisition Efficiency
Reviews 2.0 will enable you to improve your acquisition efficiency, if you are interested in learning more we have also created a series of articles relating to acquisitions and review processes and set up that you may want to explore: Acquisitions and reviews overview
If you are interested in joining us in being a beta university, do raise a support ticket.

University Changes?
Please do remember to tell us if your University plans to make changes to any of the systems Talis integrates with, such as Library Management Systems, OPAC, Identity Providers.  A change to these without speaking to us first, may cause issues with the use of the Talis Aspire Reading Lists and Talis Aspire Digitised Content.  Giving Talis notice of these changes means we can discuss the process and options, and schedule effort as required, with the focus of removing impact to your student, academic, or library colleague users.

Support articles of interest:

Things to think about
If you would like to organise a review with the Talis team, focusing on getting the most from Talis ensuring it is working as effectively as possible for your University. Please email Alison Spencer (as@talis.com) to organise a time that works for you and your team to have a call.

To keep up to date with the latest work that Talis are doing do check out our blog.

Kind regards,

The Services Team

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